Enterprise Messaging Services

Reliable, High Performanch & Professional SMS Services

  • Send SMS messages to over 190 countries through one of the world’s largest proprietary messaging networks, with geo-redundant data centres, in-house developed technologies and 24/7 international technical and enterprise support.

  • Connect to our platform through APIs, Portal, or deploy our enterprise solution on your premises to fully automate your messaging programs. With our solution, you can easily power all your loyalty, marketing, security and engagement needs.

Unrivalled Levels of SMS Service

Enterprise Messaging

Create engaging and efficient SMS marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications of any scale. Combine them with other communication channels to improve engagement. Advanced tools include campaign scheduling, delivery speed, contacts management, logs and statistics. Notify multiple user at once using our advanced and user friendly online platform at anytime, anywhere and any operator. All you have to do is sign in and get started!

Api Notification & Security

Used by various banks and large enterprises, we deliver automated, event-based communication. Fully programmable, it integrates with any enterprise database and sustains large traffic volumes. Security is essential: VPN tunnelling, encryption and IPsec standards make sure the traffic and confidential data are protected. Manage opt-ins and send real-time SMS alerts for order confirmation, banking transactions, dispatch updates and more.

Targeted Messaging

Reach the right users with a single request and broadcast messages to communities of interest. Also send location based flash SMS.

Push - Pull Notification

Allow your customers to get the latest updates, news and more in real-time.

SMS Authentication

Worldwide SMS-based 2-factor authentication for websites and mobile apps, paired with number validation to reduce costs and improve conversion. Solution includes one-time PIN generation and verification, security logic, global OTP delivery, step-by-step delivery reports and real-time conversion rate tracking.

Key Features

Number Masking. Real-time reporting - logs, statistics, and graphs. Extensive Unicode, long SMS, SMS transliteration and language identifier support. Bulk SMS with the highest throughput and detailed delivery reports. 2-Way SMS (short codes and long numbers). Mobile number validation. SMPP and HTTP REST API.

Increase User Base

Innovative app referral system. Leverage the personal connections of your app users to deliver download invites via SMS at an astoundingly low cost. Shorten your long URLs and easily check click-through rates.

Communicate Seamlessly

Experience a 99.99% uptime SLA made possible with automated failover and zero-maintenance windows. Get to market faster with pay-as-you-go pricing, free support, and the freedom to scale up or down without contracts.

Reroute & Stop

Fall back to standard long-code phone numbers automatically when a carrier is unable to receive messages from short codes or masking SMS. Stop delivery to DND numbers with a simple request.

Real - Time Reporting & Analytics

Efficient reporting system provides message status within seconds after delivery. With full report download and search options. Special analytical reports are created based on customer’s response and delivered according to your requirement.